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JD Edwards Manufacturing Online Training

Course content includes:
Shop Floor
  • Explain how to create a work order
  • Create Commitment as it relates to Shop Floor
  • Explain Issuing Inventory as it relates to Shop Floor
  • Set up Super backflush
  • Describe order Completions
  • Configure the Rate Schedule
  • Set up Lot Processing
Product Data Management (PDM)
  • Set up PDM
  • Describe the Bill of Material as it relates to PDM
  • Describe Routing as it relates to PDM
  • Describe the use of the Work Center within PDM
  • Describe Engineer Change Order and its use
  • Configure Process Manufacturing
  • Analyze Leadtime Calculations
  • Describe Kanban and how it is used
Product Costing
  • Describe Product Costing Fundamentals
  • Create Cost Methods and Item Costs
  • Set up Simulated Rates for Work Centers
  • Create Cost Simulations
  • Describe Costed Bills of Material and how it differs from Bill of Material
  • Configure Simulated Costs
  • Describe Costed Routings
  • Set up Frozen Costs
  • Troubleshoot Freeze Work Center Rates
  • Define Revalue Work in Process
  • Describe Product Costing for Process Manufacturing.
Manufacturing Accounting
  • Describe Manufacturing Accounting
  • Analyze Manufacturing Variances and how they can be corrected within Manufacturing Accounting
  • Configure the Actual Costing process
  • Define Production Costs and their importance to Mfg Accounting
Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Define MRP/MPS
  • Set up Supply & Demand Inclusion Rules
  • Describe MRP Forecasting
  • Describe how to use Planning Messages
  • Describe Pegging
  • Describe Time Series procedures
  • Configure the MRP Process
  • Configure Capacity
  • Requirement Planning (CRP)
  • Define Configurator functionality and use at an overview level
Quality Management
  • Describe the Quality Management Process
  • Plant Managers Dashboard
    • Describe the use of the Plant Manger Dashboard and its advantages to the Plant Manager
    Lean Execution
    • Describe Lean Execution fundamentals at an overview level
    Engineer to Order
    • Describe Engineer to Order fundamentals at an overview level

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