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Oracle Project Accounting Online Training

Project Foundation (PJF)

  • Features of Oracle Project Costing (PJC).
  • Features of Oracle Project Billing (PJB).
  • Features of Oracle Project Management(PJT)
  • Steps to define an Organization and Organization Hierarchy.
  • Project setup implementation options.
  • Currency implementation options.
  • System implementation options.
  • Steps to set Project Accounting (PA) and General Ledger (GL) periods.
  • Steps to define a project role.
  • Steps to define a project classification.
  • Identify the steps to define a project status.
  • Resource and Role Definition.
  • Define different Project Types and identify the features.
  • Defining Project Templates with Work Break Down Structure (WBS).
  • Uses of different Quick Entry options on a project template.
  • Features of a project template. Sequence the steps for the business flow process of item lifecycle project execution.

Oracle Project Costing (PJC)

Setups for Costing

  • Expenditure Types, Categories and Revenue Categories.
  • Labor Cost Multipliers.
  • Burden Cost Bases, Codes, Structure and Schedules.
  • Defining Burden Structures and Schedules.
  • Defining Budget Entry for Costing.
  • Defining Budgets Types and Entry methods
  • Defining Resource list for Budgets.
  • Defining Costing –Related Project Information.
  • Defining Transaction Controls.
  • Defining Rate Schedules.
  • Identify the features of Oracle Project Approval Workflow.
  • Identify the features of Oracle Budget Approval Workflow.

Auto Accounting For Costs

  • Defining Lookup sets.
  • Defining Auto Accounting Rules.
  • Assigning Auto Accounting Rules.

Performing Cost Process

  • Enter expenditures inside Oracle Projects and Process various cost distribution programs.
  • Requisition/PO-PA Integration: Booking Purchase Orders and Receipts and Interface Receipts to Oracle Projects.
  • I-Proc-PA Integration: Booking PO in I-Proc and interface to Oracle Projects.
  • AP-PA Integration: Define AP Invoice and interface it to Oracle Projects.
  • INV-PA Integration: Issue items to projects and interface cost to Oracle Projects.
  • I-Exp to PA Integration: Define employee expenses and interface to Oracle Projects.
  • Discuss various Adjustments to Expenses.
  • Performing Cost Distribution.
  • Processing Cost Adjustments.
  • Cost Allocation.
  • Processing Cross charge.
  • Overview of Borrowed and Lent Cross Charges.

Asset Capitalization

  • Identify the features of capital Projects and integration to Fixed Assets.
  • Identify the features of common cost and specific cost.
  • Define Assets and assign to Projects/Tasks.
  • Generate Asset Lines and Interface to Fixed Assets.
  • Capitalize assets from Fixed Assets.

Oracle Project Billing (PJB)

  • Describe the overall Project Billing.
  • Discuss the key areas that are part of the Project Billing Process.

Defining a Contract Projects

  • Explain the activities involved with creating a Contract Project.
  • Define a contract Project.

Agreements and Funding

  • Define Agreement Types.
  • Discuss the use of agreements and the relationship between agreements and Projects.
  • Define an agreement and fund a Project.
  • Explain how to create a revenue budget.
  • Baseline funding for a project.

Accounting for Revenue and Invoices

  • Describe the overall flow of accounting for revenue and Invoices.
  • Explain the components of Auto Accounting.
  • Identify the Auto Accounting Functions used during revenue and invoicing.
  • Explain the accounting flow of Un Billed Receivables and Un Earned Revenue.

Generating Revenue

  • Explain Fundamental Revenue Concepts.
  • Generate Revenue, Approve and interface it to Oracle General Ledger.
  • Explain the revenue generation Process for different distribution rules.

Generating Invoices

  • Explain Fundamental Invoice concepts.
  • Explain the use of customer billing retention on a contract Project.
  • Generate an Invoice, approve and interface it to receivables.
  • Explain the Invoice generation Process for different distribution rules.
  • Identify the setup in Oracle Receivable necessary for with Oracle Project Billing.
  • Generating Adjustment and Credit invoices for existing invoices.

Inter-Project/Company Project Billing

  • Defining Transfer Price Schedules.
  • Defining Cross Charges.
  • Defining Provider and Receiver Controllers.
  • Defining Intercompany Projects
  • Defining Intercompany Agreements.
  • Process Inter-company/Project billing.
  • Discuss the use of Project Status Inquiry (PSI).
  • Discuss Various PA related Reports.

Oracle Project Management (PJT)

  • Identify the features of Project Management (PJT).
  • Define & explain the features of Budgets and Forecast.
  • Define & explain the features of RBS
  • Define & explain the features of Planning Resource List.
  • Define & explain the features of WBS & FBS.
  • Creating Project Templates.
  • Creating and explaining the Projects in PJT.
  • Identify the features of Program and Project.
  • Define & explain the features of Control Item Types.
  • Explain the features of Project Status Reporting.
  • Explain the features of issue and Change Management.
  • Identify the features of Expenditure Review, Billing Review and PSI.
  • Explain the features of Work plan and Progress Management.
  • Overview of Microsoft Projects Integration.
  • Overview of Primavera Integration.

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