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Qlikview Admin Online Training

About Qlikview(DV Tool)

Traditional Business intelligence applications are IT centric: Users have to rely on information technology professionals to create a decision support system for the enterprise.

Proliferation of information on the Internet and how Google, Facebook and other social media enable consumer to seek and retrieve data in real time has changed the landscape of the decision support systems.

Qlikview provides in-memory Business Discovery platform to an enterprise to perform quick data discovery and make decisions as fast as Google allows its consumer to do so

So what's the big deal?

Qlikview is at the crossroad of inability of standard reports to provide better insight and a degree of freedom Excel provides to explore data in more meaningful way.

It's associative, in-memory engine makes all data available to its users all the time with the intent to show associated data without ignoring non-associated data. In fact, its ability to show non-associated data plays a crucial role in the entire data discovery space.

Think Qlikview is right for you?

Business Decisions are taken from the reports.Reports has to give proper visualizations, so that on the first look clients will be able to take proper and clear decisions.

Big and growing, even during tough economic times. Gartner sized the Business Intelligence market at $12.2B USD in 2011. This is up from $10.5B in 2010. Source: Gartner's March 2012 report, "Market Share: All Markets, Worldwide, 2011."

IDC sized the market about the same as Gartner for 2012. According to IDC, in 2010 the BI and analytics tools market reached $10.69B USD in software license and maintenance revenue, including subscriptions — up from $9.2 billion in 2009. [Source: IDC's September 2011 report, "Worldwide Business Analytics Software 2011-2015 Forecast and 2010 Vendor Shares," link here:] Growth in the BI software market illuminates the need for tools that help people leverage data for business advantage — that enable them to explore data and draw insights and meaningful conclusions from it.

As a Qlikview Developer, you will be responsible for creating wonderful visualizations and data modeling to help clients to take their decisions faster.

Why Qlikview ?
  • Top most Data visualization tool
  • In-Memory and associative technology.
  • QlikView is also Remixable, meaning users remix and reassemble data in new views and create new visualizations on the fly for deeper understanding, allowing individuals to constantly shift the analysis to meet their new and changing business requirements
  • Decisions are rarely made in a vacuum or based on a single dashboard or report.
  • They're often made collaboratively in groups and meetings.
  • QlikView enables collaborative decision-making through social Business Discovery. It enables organizations to create a community of users who co-create apps, communicate with each other in context of their decision apps, and explore business data collaboratively, to drive knowledge that can cascade across an organization. More on that in a minute.
  • QlikView also offers total Mobility, delivering anywhere, anytime Business Discovery on virtually any device.
  • The QlikView Business Discovery platform enables users to explore data, make discoveries, and uncover insights that can be used to help them solve business problems in new ways.
  • One of QlikView's primary differentiators is the associative experience it delivers to users.
  • Business users conduct searches and interact with dynamic dashboards and analytics from any device.
  • QlikView works the way peoples' minds work.
  • With QlikView, discovery is flexible.
  • Users can navigate and interact with data any way they want to — they are not limited to just following predefined drill paths or using preconfigured dashboards.
  • Users ask and answer streams of questions on their own and in groups and teams, forging new paths to insight and decision.
  • Career in Qlikview
  • There are lot of jobs that are floating around for Qlikview.
  • In UK and USA there are lot of jobs with sponsored visa.
  • Even Freshers get jobs in Qlikview partner companies in north india and Bangalore.
Target Audience:

BE, B-Tech, MCA and others. No programming involved. Some of Bsc Guys have learnt this and now in USA. Companies which can hire: Many companies which do Data warehousing and analytics, they hire Qlikview consultants.

Course Duration:
20hrs + 5 hours of real time scenario discussion
Qlikview Admin & Architect Role
Qlikview Admin Intro
  • Role of QV Admin
  • Types of Qlikview Server
    1. Introduction to Admin
  • Components
  • Server
  • Publisher
  • Communicate a solid understanding of the architecture and components of QlikView Server and Publisher
Qlikview Management console – Task Creation
  • QMC
  • Mount source Folder
    1. Task Creation and their triggers
  • Creation of Task
  • Source documents
  • User Documents
  • SBE
    1. Deployment
  • Enterprise Deployment
  • Extension Introduction
  • Extension Deployment
License & User Management
  • Managing Users
  • Managing License
    1. License Management
  • Distribution of Source documents
  • Pre Load in Memory Concept
  • License Leasing
Log Files and Performance of Server Maintenance
  • Types of Log Files
  • Server Object
    1. Server Performance Dashboard
  • Server Performance Dashboard Build
Document Distribution and section access in Publisher
  • Split Documents using Publisher
  • Loop and Reduce concept
  • Distribution Task
  • Section Access in Server
Types of Clients
  • IE
  • Ajax
  • Issues with IE in Mobile Deployment
    1. Mobile Ipad and Iphone and other tablet deployment
Clustering of Server and Load Balance
  • Server Clustering
  • Load Balancing
  • Intro to Accesspoint Portal
    1. Performance and Clustering in Enterprise deployment
  • Explore related topics such as backup and recovery, IIS and Metadata
Scalability – Best practices & Big data Integration
  • Managing server in Enterprise environment
  • Best practices
  • Scalability issues
    1. Scalability
  • Intro to Big Data
  • Data load from Big data
Expressor and Installation & Big data analytics deployment
  • Intro to QV Expressor
  • Scenarios on Need of Expressor as ETL Tool
    1. QV Expressor
  • Complete a standard installation and configure QlikView Server and Publisher on a single server
  • QV Governance Dashboard
  • Usage of QV Source for Bigdata

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