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Course Details
Student Prerequisites

Students should have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS and should have experience in SharePoint working with team sites and publishing portals. It is also recommended (but not required) that students have previous experience with JavaScript programming and a Web design tool such as SharePoint Designer, ColdFusion or Dreamweaver.

Module 1 - Introduction to SharePoint Branding
  • SharePoint Branding Overview
  • SharePoint 2010 Architecture
  • Introduction to SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Anatomy of a Team Site
  • Anatomy of a Publishing Portal Module 2 - CSS Primer for SharePoint Web Designers
  • Why CSS?
  • Review of CSS Fundamentals and Syntax
  • Tools for discovering CSS class names
  • Using CSS in SharePoint 2010
  • Themes in SharePoint 2010 Module 3 - Creating a Web Site Design
  • Project Planning
  • Creating a Wireframe
  • Creating Design Comps
  • Using Slices to Create Web-ready images
  • Moving the Design into HTML and CSS Module 4 - Customizing Master Pages
  • ASP.NET Syntax for Master Pages
  • The Master Page Gallery
  • Customizing a Master Page using SharePoint Designer 2010
  • Walkthrough of the essential controls and placeholders in v4.master
  • Understanding the purpose of delegate controls in master pages
  • Changing and customizing a site's master page with SharePoint Designer 2010 Module 5 - Creating a Custom Master Page Creating a Starter Master Page for SharePoint 2010 Adding a Custom Master Page to the Master Page Gallery Configuring a Site to use a Custom Master Page Implementing and Testing a Design Custom Navigation in Master Pages Lab Exercise Exercise 1: Examine the Starter Master Page Module 6 - Designing a Publishing Site Introduction to Publishing Sites Publishing Site Taxonomy Adding Pages and Sites Configuring a Custom Master Page Customizing Navigation Module 7 - Designing Page Layouts Page Layouts Overview Site Columns and Content Types Creating a new Page Layout with SharePoint Designer 2010 Configuring Page Layouts and Site Templates Using Web Part Zones to Enable Adding Web Parts to Publishing Pages Module 8 - Working with XSLT in SharePoint 2010 . World's Fastest Introduction to XSLT Writing and Testing XSLT Code Overview of XSLT use in SharePoint 2010 Using Custom XSLT files with the XML Viewer Web Part Formatting Search Results using XSLT Working with the XSLT List View Web Part Module 9 - Working with JavaScript in SharePoint 2010 JavaScript Programming Fundamentals Writing JavaScript code behind SharePoint site pages Programming with the Document Object Model (DOM) Leveraging the ASP.NET AJAX Library Programming with the SharePoint 2010 JavaScript Class Libraries Programming User Interaction with JavaScript and Modal Dialogs Module 10 - Integrating jQuery into a SharePoint 2010 Site jQuery Programming Fundamentals Understanding jQuery Selectors Using jQuery to Register Event Handlers Using jQuery Support for Executing AJAX Requests Using jQuery UI controls such as the Accordion component and the Tabs component Module 11 - Migration and Visual Upgrade Motivation for Visual Upgrade The Inner Mechanics of Visual Upgrade Switching Between UI Version Modes Managing the Visual Upgrade Process Updating SharePoint 2007 Branding Projects Refactoring Custom HTML into v3 Sections and v4 Sections Module 12 - Deployment using Features and Solution Packages Understanding Features and Solution Packages Solution Deployment using farm solutions versus sandboxed solutions Developing a SharePoint solution using Visual Studio 2010 Creating a Custom Branding Solution to Deploy Custom Master Pages and CSS files Creating a Custom Solution to Deploy Site Columns, Content Types and Page Layouts

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