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tibco Iprocess Online Training

Tibco Iprocess Online Training
What is TIBCO IPROCESS Meaning ?

TIBCO IPROCESS suite is a set of software that enables products for business modeling and Execution. Tibco iProcess management tool that helps you increase the performance of your business implementation. It integrate with Business Works will provide very strong integration function for BPM platform.

TIBCO IPROCESS at UnitedGlobalSoft online training:

UnitedGlobalSoft Online Training is one of the best online training institutes that provide Tibco iprocess online training works with an objective to make online training easier.

UnitedGlobalSoft online training provides TIBCO iprocess online training classes by certified trainers with strong TIBCO iprocess experience. Our TIBCO iprocess online training is regarded as one of the best online training in India offering for USA, Australia, and Europe etc.

TIBCO IPROCESS Course content at UnitedGlobalSoft Online Training:
  • How Tibco iProcess supports BPM
  • iProcess Engine Architecture
  • iProcess Engine Installation
iProcess Moduler
  • Procedure Management
  • Using deadlines in Procedures
  • Using Conditional actions
  • Withdrawing steps in procedures
  • Defining and using sub procedures
  • Defining a Static Call to a Sub-Procedure
  • Using Array Fields
  • Defining Sub-Procedure Parameter Templates
  • Calling a Dynamic Number of Sub-Procedures
  • Working with Script
Introduction to Functions
  • Functions – Example
  • Fuctions – Help
  • Fuctions – Where Can They be used
  • FirmSetStepStatus Function
  • FirmCommands
  • Application Fields
iProcess Client
  • Processing Work Items
  • Organizing Work Items Lists
  • Managing Work Queues
  • Command Line Access to Work Queue Manager
iProcess Client Integration Technics
  • EAI Plugins
  • Bw plugins
  • Database plugsins
  • EAI Script
  • WebServices
  • Using Event Steps
  • Configuring Activity Monitoring (IAPJMS)
  • Given a scenario identify the most appropriate integration option to use and the issues that must be considered
  • Recognize the technical advantages/disadvantages of different integration components
  • Recognize where it is appropriate to use different methods of case start and where event triggers can be used Working with Events and Sub-Procedure
Configure Events
  • Create a Sub-Procedure
  • Set up Array fields
  • Create a Sub-Procedure Parameter template
  • Configure Dynamic Sub-Procedures
TIBCO IPROCESS Administration:
  • Recognize the characteristics of different types of version control
  • Recognize the issues that must be considered when migrating from one version of a process to another
  • Explain the principle of various process status attributes
iProcess Client Browser
  • Sort and Filter
  • Browser preferences
  • Working with the iProcess client
    • Create a simple procedure
    • Launch a Form in the iProcess client
    • Investigate Sort and Filter Options using the iProcess client
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