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tibco service grid Online Training

TIBCO Servicegrid Online Training
TIBCO ServiceGrid Online Training By IT Experts
TIBCO ServiceGrid Online Training What is TIBCO Service Grid?

TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid is a comprehensive SOA development platform that lets you transform business logic written in different programming languages into re-usable SOA services, and then assemble those services into powerful composite applications.

TIBCO Service Grid online training at Tibco Online Training:

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TIBCO Service Grid online training Course Content Introduction:
  • SCA Introduction
  • Service Development with ActiveMatrix
  • Runtime: TIBCO ActiveMatrix Administrator
  • ActiveMatrix Service Grid Features
  • ActiveMatrix Service Bus Features
  • ActiveMatrix Governance Capabilities
  • Lifecycle Governance Features
  • Standards Compliance
Business Case for Service oriented architecture
  • Company Overview: TAO Products
  • Business Overview
  • Current System Limitations
  • Proposed Solution
  • Service Development
  • Deliverables
High Level View
  • Tables for Pilot Customers Project
  • Tables for TAO_PRODUCT
  • Meeting Business Objectives
  • Composite Services with Sequence Diagram
  • Implementation Plan
  • TAO Products
Developing Composite Applications
  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Features
  • ActiveMatrix Environments
  • Business Studio Features
  • Development Using Business Studio
  • Deconstructing a Service
  • Service Development with ActiveMatrix
  • Bindings
  • ActiveMatrix Component
  • Business Studio Composite Editor
  • Developing Java Services
  • Connecting Composite Elements
  • Defining a Java Component
Testing Composite Applications
  • Debugging using RAD
  • Testing Composites in Business Studio
  • Launching the Debugger
  • Debug Configuration Settings
  • Stepping into Java Code
  • Examining Component Values
  • Managing Debug Sessions
  • RAD Features
Deployment and Administration
  • Deployment Process
  • Application Artifacts 3.0
  • Build Distributed Application Archive
  • ActiveMatrix Administrator
  • Hosts and Nodes
  • Distribution
  • Administrator Capabilities
  • Application Deployment Wizard
  • Out-Of-The Box Templates
  • Monitoring and Logging
Monitoring Capabilities in Administrator
  • Drill Down and Filter Options
  • Management Capabilities
  • Management View Drill Downs
  • Logging Capabilities
  • File Based Logging
  • JMS Logging Components
  • Enable JMS Logging
  • Log Viewer Features
Service Generation Concepts
  • Java Service Definition Wizard Explained
  • WSDL to Java Mapping
  • Using XMLBeans
  • XMLBeans Databinding
  • Implementing the Java Service
  • Life Cycle methods for Java Service
  • Review
Implementing Custom Features
  • Topics
  • Objectives
  • Examining a Java Component Details
  • Adding Custom Properties
  • Resource Templates
  • Adding Properties to a Component
  • Adding Third-Party Libraries
  • Using a Custom Feature
Working with Sub-Composites
  • Composites Working with Each Other
  • Benefits of Reference Composites
  • Virtualization Binding
  • Benefits of using Sub-Composites
  • Debugging a Referenced Composite
  • Advanced Debug Settings
Implementing BusinessWorks Components
  • BusinessWorks Service Engine
  • BWSE Installation
  • Wired and Unwired Composites
  • BusinessWorks Service Configuration
  • Enabling Global Variables
  • Database Drivers
  • Using Third-Party Drivers in BWSE
  • Run Time Changes for Third-Party Drivers
  • BusinessWorks Service Engine Utilities
  • Testing BWSE Composites
Routing Options in Mediation
  • Routing Types
  • Rule Cases, Variables and Variable Values
  • Defining Rule Conditions
  • XPATH Routing
  • Defining Rule Conditions
  • Converting to XPATH Route
  • Routing and Transformation
  • Handling Outputs and Faults
  • Virtualization Binding
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Composite Perspective for Dynamic Routing
  • Implementing Dynamic Routing
Using Mediation for Data Enrichment
  • Data Enrichment Concepts
  • Querying a Database
  • Using a JDBC Shared Resource
  • Invoking Other Operations
  • Bypassing a Target Service
  • Exchanging Data between Paths
  • Using an Exchange Schema
  • XML Tasks
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